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Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management Modules
Tracks the transportation and disposal of wastes shipped from a Facility. Wastes on the manifest are recorded along with the process responsible for generating the waste and the transportation and disposal costs. The EPA National Manifest form can be printed from the software.

Container Tracking
Tracks Hazardous Waste Containers from satellite accumulation areas, to waste storage areas, through to disposal. Containers or their contents can be moved from one location to another; combined into another container; and transferred to a manifest for disposal. Stores the original generator for each waste for allocating disposal costs by process or individual site.

PCB Equipment
Maintains an inventory of PCB contaminated equipment (e.g., transformers, capacitors, and barrels) along with a history of inspection results and corrective actions required to repair leaking equipment. When used in conjunction with the Manifest Module, you can track the disposal of PCB contaminated equipment and wastes along with the associated manifest information.
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