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Chemical Inventory (Onsite, Usage, and Emissions)
The EPOCH Chemical Inventory Module is an innovative software system that allows users to track daily chemical usage or enter data once each year to produce the Tier I and II reports. This module can be used in a stand-alone mode or as part of a comprehensive chemical tracking system when combined with other EPOCH modules.

  • Identifies at any time the current inventory for each chemical.
  • Generates the Tier II report with any threshold level you desire (many state Tier reports are available).
  • Determines the location of chemicals that are acute health, chronic health, flammable, reactive or sudden release hazards.
  • Can be used to calculate VOC emissions based on chemical usage and VOC content.
  • Supports three different methods of inventory management:

  • Annual Quantities - Enter the annual average and maximum amounts. Copy the previous years' results. Performs all unit of measure conversions.
    Periodic Actual - Enter the current balance each day, month or quarter. EPOCH will calculate the days on-site and other information for Tier II.
    Real Time - Track each chemical as it is received and used.
  • Supports emergency planning requirements by generating a list of chemicals used at a specific location.
  • Supports corporate management of hazardous materials by reporting trends of usage across the corporation.
  • Includes the Chemical List Manager so users can create an unlimited number of company or regulatory lists.
  • Identifies each material by full chemical name, CAS number, purchasing code, trade name, or any other user-defined synonym.
  • Identifies reportable quantities and threshold planning quantities for a given material.

  • Saves time over preparing reports manually. The Tier I and II reports are available instantly.
  • Saves money by maintaining one central chemical description database that is used for many purposes (i.e. Tier II, Form R, Pollution Prevention, Air Emissions).
  • Reduces risk by identifying chemicals that have less hazardous substitutes.
  • Saves money by reducing the quantity of chemicals purchased.
  • Increases awareness by tracking all locations using a chemical on a certain list.
  • Supports pro-active chemical management from pre-purchase to inventory to consumption.
  • Designed to be implemented in phases making start-up easier and less costly.
  • Saves money by developing one MRP and purchasing interface for all chemical management activities.

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