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313 Form R
The EPOCH 313 Form R / Mass Balance Module can be used as a stand-alone tool to prepare the Form R for the EPA, or as the centerpiece of a fully integrated EHS information system. Releases from several other modules can be imported into this module and a process by process or facility wide mass balance prepared.

  • Calculate emissions using any combination of the following three methods:
    Import - Import releases from the other EPOCH Modules.
    Mass Balance - Import or enter the known releases and let the software solve for the unknown.
    Manual - Directly enter the total pounds or gallons released from each facility or process.
  • EPA approved for electronic submission or use the software provided by the EPA to print the Form R.
  • Calculate discharges to water, POTW and underground injection using monitoring data, engineering calculations, user-defined release factors, and mass balances.
  • Calculate stack or point emissions using monitoring data, engineering calculations, and mass balances.
  • Calculates releases to land and materials sent off-site using monitoring data or mass balances.
  • Provides a single repository for documenting assumptions used in all release calculations.
  • Complies with Part II, Section 8.
  • Perform release calculations based on mixtures and generates emission estimates by components.
  • Compare releases from similar processes or facilities.
  • What-If Analysis - Generate estimates using different methods and compare the results to determine the best reporting scenario.
  • Stores results for multiple years to allow trend analysis for each chemical reported.

  • No need to enter data once for preparing DMRs, Manifests, etc. and again for the Form R. One entry satisfies all reports.
  • Import data each month and determine year-to-date those chemicals that have exceeded the thresholds. Also determine year-to-date Form R releases.
  • Supports agency inspections by making all release calculation assumptions readily available.
  • Supports waste minimization efforts by targeting processes for emission reduction.
  • Interfaces with EPA-supplied software for actual Form R printing.
  • Allows corporate employees to monitor all facilities for consistent calculations (increase comfort level).
  • Helps insure accuracy by comparing present year releases against previous year's results.

The 313 Form R / Mass Balance Module is integrated with several other EPOCH Modules, including:
  • Chemical Inventory - Import each usage transaction and have the Form R Module calculate the chemicals that have exceeded the thresholds for amount manufactured, processed or otherwise used.
  • Manifest - Material sent offsite or land disposed are automatically converted to pounds and imported to the Form R Module.
  • LDAR - The total pounds released are calculated based on the PPM reading for each valve, pump seal, compressor, etc. The emissions are speciated and posted to the Form R Module as a Fugitive Emission Release.
  • Wastewater - The average PPM, flow and number of days are imported into the 313 Form R Module. Users can import releases for POTW, NPDES and UIC sources.
  • Release Events - The total amount released is posted to the Form R as total pounds accidentally released.
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