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Calendar Tasks and Notification
If you’re having a difficult time keeping up with inspections, reporting deadlines, tracking samples, training sessions, audit follow-up, permits expiring or any other task, the EPOCH Calendar / Notification Module can be a valuable addition to your Environmental Management Program.

  • Automatically scans other EPOCH Modules for tasks that must be performed. An E-Mail message is automatically sent to a user defined mailing list.
  • Lets users indicate the number of days in advance of or following an event that E-Mail notices should be sent. For example; 90 days before a permit expires or 25 days after a manifest is shipped and the disposer’s copy is not returned.
  • Create mailing lists for each facility that include plant and corporate employees. Lists are unique for each issue, i.e. manifest, permits.
  • Creates a master calendar of action items including corporate reports, training sessions, meetings, agency reports, required deadlines, etc.
  • Provides reports on the number of days left to complete any task.
  • Enter a task once and replicate it for each day, month, quarter, or year for up to 60 months.
  • Fully integrated with many other EPOCH modules to form a complete task notification system.
  • Track total costs for sampling, reporting, meetings, training, etc.
  • EHS and ISO Auditors can review each facility's response to their calendar activities.
  • Provides a report or picklist for all action items due in the next N days.
  • Develop a personal, facility or division wide calendar. Export data to be integrated with your favorite personal information manager.
  • Includes a fully functional ad-hoc reporting system. Users can design their own reports by printing and searching on any field.
  • User annotated help system. Extended copy functions to simplify data entry. Use the Calendar Module as a stand-alone task manager or integrated with one or more EPOCH modules.

  • Avoid compliance issues associated with missing key deadlines.
  • Helps to achieve and maintain ISO Certification.
  • Smooth employee workloads by planning tasks due in the next few months. Helps with corporate, state and federal compliance.
  • Reduces training costs associated with employee turnover.
  • Data entered for compliance purposes are used to improve communications and increase productivity.

The Calendar / Notification Module is fully integrated with other EPOCH modules to send E-Mail notices to a user-defined mailing list N days before or after the following occur:
  • MSDS - Notification when an MSDS is more than X days old. Helps keep your MSDS sheets current.
  • Chemical Inventory - Whenever a new chemical is used in any area or process for the first time. Also whenever a restricted chemical is used. This function is valuable for SARA Section 311 new chemical notices.
  • Manifest - Whenever a manifest has been sent and the return copy has not been received.
  • Manifest - Whenever a TSDF or transporter has not been audited in the last N days.
  • Audit - Findings that are due in the next N days.
  • Events - Tasks that are to be completed as a result of a spill; all incidents that are unresolved N days after the incident.
  • Events - All incidents that are unresolved N days after the incident.
  • Tanks - Tanks that should be inspected or tested. Corrective action items that are due as a result of a tank inspection or test.
  • Permit Tracking - Permits that expire in the next N days. Reports due in the next N days.
  • Container Tracking - Containers that have been in storage more than N days.

Standard Reports
To help you extract valuable summary information about the tasks in your company, the Calendar / Notification Module offers several standard reports. All reports have menus that allow you to specify the report parameters.
    Open Action Items
    A list of all tasks that are entered in the Calendar Module that must be completed in the next N days.

    Notification Report
    A list of all tasks that are entered in other EPOCH Modules that must be completed. Examples are manifests due back, permits expiring, etc. This report is sorted by the user responsible/assigned.

E-Mail Interface
The following E-Mail packages are supported:
  • Microsoft Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • CC Mail
  • Notes Mail
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