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Industrial Hygiene Module
The Industrial Hygiene Module tracks personal and area monitoring data within each facility. :

  • Store Personnel Data for employees or contractors that work in the locations to be monitored. Each employee is identified by a badge number or an assigned identifier.
  • Store exposure limits set by various agencies for pollutant and unit of measure.
  • Create a table of code values for various attributes that are associated with a sample, such as, Department, Job Classification, Operation, Equipment, Protection Devices, and Sampling Type.
  • Store and classify Personal and Area monitoring records, as well, as information related to the work area or personal protection provided to an individual.
  • Relate monitoring results to exposure limits set by various agencies.

  • Maintains a history of monitoring results and exposures.
  • Stores agency exposure limits by year.
  • Compares employee exposure to agency limits.

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