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Air Emissions
Now, more than ever, your manufacturing processes are being analyzed for air emissions. Calculating emissions for several pollutants at many processes can be an overwhelming task. The EPOCH Air Emissions Module was designed to simplify these calculations for compliance while at the same time keeping your operations running profitably.

  • Calculates emissions using any of the following techniques:
    AP-42 Emission Factors
    User-supplied emission factors
    Emissions based on production data
    Emissions from sources burning coal, natural gas or oil
    AP-42 emissions from fixed and floating storage tanks
  • Calculates total emissions for each source for one or more months or an entire year.
  • Users can calculate both controlled and uncontrolled emissions.
  • Create process views by selecting a stack, control device and one or more sources. Calculate emissions for the process view.
  • Build user-defined calculations that include emission factors based on production data or hours of operation.
  • Stores the percent removal for one or more contaminant for each pollution control device.
  • Speciates hydrocarbon tank emissions based on weight percentage.
  • Utilizes a common facility wide production schedule and operating schedule.
  • Several utilities are available to copy data from source to source and from year to year. Copy all data for one tank to another identical tank.
  • Calculate emissions using "What-If" scenarios based on process changes, operating schedule or production changes.
  • User-defined calculations can include many pollutants, chemical physical properties (i.e. VOC%, molecular weight, etc.). Calculations can include operands and multiple variables.
  • Can be adapted to receive data by modem or from other internal systems.
  • Includes a fully functional ad-hoc reporting system. Users can design their own reports by printing and searching on any field.
  • Utilizes the same chemical table used in the EPOCH Chemical Inventory, Form R and many other modules.
  • Emission views can include fuel burning sources, storage tanks and production sources.

  • Supports decision making regarding operating and production schedules by calculating emissions using "What-If" scenarios.
  • Saves time by allowing data to be copied.
  • Provides valuable statistical information for performing extended analysis.
  • Exporting emissions to the EPOCH Form R Module will save time required to prepare the Form R by manually entering data.
  • The integration of this module with other EPOCH Modules will save significant time during implementation.

The integration between the Air Emissions module and the Form R module will eliminate the need to re-enter data each year. Emissions for each Form R chemical will be calculated and posted to the EPOCH Form R module. Users will be able to create a year-to-date summary of the Form R chemical emissions.

Standard Reports
To help you extract valuable information about your sources, the Air Emissions Module offers several standard reports. All reports have menus that allow you to specify the report parameters and can be sent to a spreadsheet, clipboard or word processing document.
    Process View Emissions
    This report will provide a summary of the total emissions for each user defined view. The report can be generated for any time frame and will list controlled and uncontrolled emissions.

    Source Emissions
    For each fuel burning, production or tank source, this report will provide the total emissions by month or for the entire year.
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