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Ground Water Monitoring
If you’re having a difficult time keeping the many thousands of groundwater monitoring records organized and easily accessible, the EPOCH Groundwater Module can be a valuable addition to your Environmental Management Program.

  • Provides a single repository for all groundwater monitoring data.
  • Statistically calculates contamination at different levels of significance for both upgradient and downgradient wells.
  • Stores virtually unlimited amounts of historical and active monitoring data.
  • Graphically analyzes trends in water elevations and pollutant concentrations.
  • Over 30 fields to describe the physical characteristics of each monitoring well (depth, diameter, casing, material, etc.).
  • Analyzes contaminant levels for one or more parameters between different wells and compares to upgradient wells.
  • Displays all test results that exceed company limits or drinking water standards.
  • Fully integrated with many other EPOCH modules to form a complete monitoring system.
  • Stores data for virtually unlimited number of contaminants.
  • Analyzes data graphically, statistically, or in spreadsheet format.
  • Prepares reports to be sent to state agencies or hydrogeologic consultants.
  • Can be adapted to receive data by modem from labs or remote sites for direct input into the database.
  • Calculates water elevations with respect to mean sea level. Provides a graphical view of groundwater elevations.
  • Calculates Student’s T-Statistical deviations based on background results.
  • Stores up to 24 monitoring results for each contaminant each day.

  • Provides early detection of problems by instantly analyzing if results are statistically different from background.
  • Provides valuable statistical information for regulatory agency negotiating sessions.
  • Provides a central repository for all groundwater monitoring data.
  • Saves money over using outside consultants to manage groundwater data.

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