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Environmental Events (Spills, Accidents, Injuries, and Other)
The EPOCH Event Tracking Module creates a diary of all spills, releases, inspections, excursions, accidents, and other events. Use the software to determine if a release has exceeded the reportable quantities. Record action items, enter extensive comments on releases, and automatically notify others in the company when a release has occurred.

  • Tracks information on spills, expired permits, lost manifests, NPDES excursions, superfund incidents, inspections, etc.
  • Identifies items that need to be repaired, replaced or cleaned as a result of an agency inspection.
  • Determines company-wide the most repeated causes of releases (i.e. operator error, mechanical failure).
  • Analyzes and graphs the number of violations, excursions and spills.
  • Relates each incident to a company filing system.
  • Enter all follow-up action items with the responsible person, date due, the cost for each follow-up action item, the amount fined, and the amount paid for each release.
  • For each release type, users can enter comments into user-defined sections (i.e. Property Damage, Persons Contacted,
  • Release Description, Corrective Action, etc.).
  • Management can track the status of each incident. Reports will identify the status of each incident and each follow-up action item.
  • Automatically determines if a release has exceeded the reportable quantity for a pure material or a mixture.
  • Allows for E-Mail notification lists to be created. Sends notices to certain individuals whenever a spill has occurred (requires the EPOCH Calendar Module).
  • Export the total amount released for all materials to the EPOCH 313 Form R module.
  • Prepare reports for management on the number and types of incidents for current and previous years.
  • Prepare status reports for plant, division or corporate management.

  • Saves money by reducing losses from fines.
  • Saves time by automating your incident and event tracking program.
  • Helps with Corporate, State and Federal compliance.
  • Avoid compliance issues associated with missing key deadlines.
  • Creates a Plant/Company diary of all incidents.

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