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Case Studies
Oil Refiner and Marketer
Overview: Single site, multi-user implementation of EPOCH’s Hazardous Waste Management module for tracking waste and printing 1000s of hazardous waste manifests and labels throughout the US per year. With EPOCH, users track waste detail, including; generators, profiles, vendors and costs as well as manifest detail and dates for their 25 day return period. RCRA or Annual Waste Summary reporting is automatic by-product of capturing original data; standard reports list waste and constituents with quantities over any time period selected. Cost allocation reports show waste transportation and disposal costs by generator and are used for ongoing waste minimization programs.
Technology: Wide area network with Windows XP workstations, an Oracle database and Citrix Server.
Benefit: Reduce time creating manifest and labels; management reports list locations of generators with above average waste shipments and/or costs, to identify problem areas more quickly; ad/hoc reports are used to evaluate vendor performance and costs for better risk management and contract price negotiation.
Optical Equipment Manufacturer
Overview: Multi plant implementation using EPOCH’s Chemical Management module to track detailed chemical usage. EPOCH is interfaced to company's ERP system for electronic input of chemical transactions. One data feed provides all information necessary for generating SARA 312 Tier report, 313 Form R, and VOC and HAP emissions for Title V reporting. EPOCH VOC and HAP emission reports show rolling 12 month average and detail reports. Customer also uses EPOCH Waste Management software modules to track waste containers from satellite areas into hazardous waste accumulation locations, and onto the disposer via manifest printing and tracking. The RCRA Biennial report is an automatic byproduct of tracking the waste data.
Technology: Local area network with SQL Server database and Windows Vista workstations.
Benefit: Eliminated multiple manual data entry steps by environmental engineer using separate systems previously (entering data for paint used automatically computes Tier II maximum and average, and 313 Form R usage quantities, and VOC emission data); management reports are used to identify trends and take action before emissions become permit exceedences and fines imposed; reduce waste disposal costs by tracking hazardous waste life cycle and costs back to internal generators for waste minimization program, ad/hoc reports are written to quickly answer regulators questions on audits.
Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
Overview: Multi-plant implementation, 20 plus sites, of EPOCH Chemical Management, Source Monitoring and Hazardous Waste Management modules, with interfaces to inventory / purchasing system to automate data entry for chemical movement and usage. Regulatory reporting, Tier II and 313 Form R, is generated as a by-product of processing the inventory transactions received electronically and having EPOCH calculate constituent amounts, maximum, average and usage. No manual input is required. At a corporate level data may be summarized through standard or user developed reports for chemical or constituent minimization programs. EPOCH is also used for monthly water DMR reports and annual RCRA data analysis.
Technology: Wide area network Windows XP workstations, Web access through Citrix Server, database manager - DB2.
Benefit: Reduce or eliminate data entry via application interfaces, spreadsheet and/or word processing turn around documents; quality of data sent to regulators improved over manual input from inventory printouts into custom spreadsheets; management reports available on a roll-up basis for a plant or process, through regional and corporate levels for cost reduction programs.
Metal Can Packaging Company
Overview: Multi-site implementation using EPOCH’s Chemical Management module for SARA 312, 313 Form R and VOC emission reporting. On a daily or weekly basis, production figures are entered. Usage and emission factors by production quantity are stored in the EPOCH master files. These records are used to calculate amounts of products, their components and threshold exceedences for SARA reports as well as VOC emission data from the same production input.
Technology: Single user PC platform at each site Windows XP and ACCESS as the database manager.
Benefit: Reduce time entering and calculating chemical usage by on-site environmental engineers; better quality data sent to regulatory authorities; regulatory reports consistently sent on-time to agencies; user ad/hoc reports identify chemical usage trends and high cost processes.
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