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EPOCH Software Services provided by LDS
LDS provides the following services related to the EPOCH software at your installation.

Software maintenance covers new releases, regulatory change enhancements, and support calls. This service is included within the license fee for the first year at a muti-user installation and for 90 days at a single user PC site. Thereafter, an annual software maintenance contract can be purchased, at the customer's option.

Training classes can be conducted on-site or via the Web. Training costs include a daily fee plus any related expenses (instructor travel, etc). We recommend 1 day of training for each 3 modules. Some customers find the custom report writers with links to the EPOCH product very useful and take an additional day of training on this tool at the same time.

Data conversion services are billed at a fixed hourly rate plus expenses. Converting data from a prior software system or other in-house databases retains historical data and reduces manual data entry to initially create the EPOCH databases.

Custom programming services are available as needed. To minimize data entry work, we recommend collecting EPOCH data from other production systems, where possible, as well as directly from a another source via a spreadsheet or a web screen.. We have built, or helped in-house staff build, many types of interfaces to existing production systems to collect data electronically. In addition, we can customize many of the data-entry features and reports within EPOCH to meet your special needs. If requested, we can work with your in-house data processing staff on any of these tasks, which may lower the cost.

In Summary, we offer the following pre and post installation services:

  • Software maintenance: new releases and telephone support
  • Data Conversions
  • External System Interface and Data Load programs
  • Custom Management and Regulatory reports
  • Additional Custom Modules for data collection and/or reporting
  • Web or client/server based enhancements

Note, most of the custom program changes made for a specific client installation, unless requested otherwise, will be added to the base product and maintained in new releases under the standard software maintenance policy for EPOCH.

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