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Chemical Inventory (Onsite, Usage, and Emissions)
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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Chemical Management Modules
Chemical Inventory
Integrates three different methods of entering your chemical inventory: real-time receipts and usage, periodic actual balance, and annual average and maximum balance. Usage data may be electronically imported from an ERP system or spreadsheet, or input manually. Inventory amounts can be entered at the chemical or container level. The same data can be used to generate: Tier I and Tier II Reports, 313 Form R threshold calculations, and VOC and HAP emission data.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
A method to store and retrieve SDS data sheets as scanned images. Provides a search engine that is integrated with the Chemical Inventory module to easily locate an SDS for chemicals currently in inventory. The search engine can be accessed via the Web.

313 Form R
Automatically imports chemical usage to determine if the Form R threshold has been exceeded. Also, imports speciated releases from EPOCH Waste Management and Source Monitoring modules to generate the Form R in electronic format for submission to the EPA.

Chemical Stockroom
Tracks chemicals, hazardous and non-hazardous, from receiving dock to central storeroom and onto shop floor. Interfaces with Chemical Inventory module to track chemicals through to use or disposal.
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