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Task Management Modules
Audit Tracking
Stores information collected from corporate audits conducted at manufacturing plants. For each finding, documents information, such as, expected completion date, costs, and a description of corrective actions. Periodic tracking records indicate the current status of each finding (e.g., work in progress, delayed, or resolved) and comments related to this status.

A tool to manage commitments and deadlines, such as meetings, reporting dates, permit renewals, etc., and notify you via report or E-Mail when these action items are coming due. In addition, you can be notified of critical outstanding due dates related to other EPOCH modules, such as, Audit Findings still outstanding, Permits Expiring, Manifests not yet returned, Containers to be removed from Hazardous Storage, Tanks or PCB-contaminated Equipment to be Inspected, and Leaking Fugitive Emission Sources that have not been repaired. By defining advance notification parameters on various due dates, you can create a tickler file of upcoming outstanding due dates before they elapse, view a report or E-Mail when these action items are coming due.

Event Tracking
Documents information related to the accidental release of hazardous materials into the environment as well as other non-release incidents, such as, Citizen Complaints, Water Permit Limits Exceeded, Agency Inspections, and Lost Manifests. For a chemical spill, you can describe the incident in detail, determine if the release has exceeded the RQ (Reportable Quantity) for the material, track the status of tasks or action items, and record comments on the cause, corrective action, and preventative measures taken.
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